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                    U.S government VS China Trade War

                    2018-06-08 09:02
                    Trump has signed an administrative order on the tariff and trade protection of 25 percent of China's 60 billion yuan, covering robotics, aerospace, Marine engineering, rail transit, bioengineering and electric vehicles.
                    This is the main content of China's 2025 manufacturing development, that is to say, the United States is to curb China's advanced manufacturing.
                    China's exports of mechanical and electrical products have grown rapidly over the years. Coincidentally, among the four major products exported by the United States to China, electromechanical products are also one of the main products.
                    For China, international trade is very important. What China will develop and export must include robot products.China is already trying to open up American markets, such as electric buses, and already operates in some counties.
                    This is a war of national competitiveness.The U.S. government's tough situation has led to more than 10% depreciation, and the trend of further depreciation of late, it will export trade with China, especially the low profit era of a devastating blow machine tool products, the export of Chinese machine tool enterprises will face unprecedented pressure and challenges.Machine tool factories will face the era of low profit and zero profit