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                    Ipretech Machinery Company Limited —— —— Chinese first class quality level
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                    latest intelligent smart cnc controller

                    2021-11-01 17:54

                    Ipretech Machinery one key CNC EDM WireCut System, Wins10, China edm sole moly wire system basic on windows 10 32bits or 64bits. Full intelligent finger touch screen controller, Automatic generation of processing parameters, completly solve the operating problems and worries of new users and freshman.


                    Protection level:            IP43

                    Pulse power supplyoutput voltage (V): DC60V

                    Pulse width (Ton):         1us-255us

                    Pulse interval (Toff):        2-25 Ton

                    Processing current(A):     12A

                    Group pulse:              automatic

                    Touch screen:             5 inch full color touch screen

                    processing ends,machine powered off:        Support

                    Alarm Horn/Indicator:                                Support

                    Servo version limit:                         Support software ormechanical limit

                    Broken wireprotection:                              support

                    Power failure memory:                               support