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                    China Wire EDM Cut production and Present Situations

                    2018-06-08 09:03

                         Wedm in China originated in the early 1980 s, before the implementation of market economy the development of the wedm slowly, mainly because of China's electronics industry relatively backward at the time, the manufacturer of wedm are state-owned enterprises.

                    Although technical ability is strong, but because with the market, together with the constraints of planned economy of wedm is not only high failure rate, and the performance is limited (only cut 50 mm thick, the efficiency of 30 mm?/ min), but no matter how the wedm is characteristic of a machine tool in China, it is compared with abroad wedm although accuracy is lower, but its manufacture and use cost are absolute superiority, it is very suitable for those developing countries, it is because of the potential market demand.

                    After the implementation of market economy in China, have sprung up across the country a lot of wedm manufacturer, so the line appeared on the market competition, disordered competition evolved into price competition, in order to reduce costs, some technical strength of enterprises to reduce the production standard, together with the relevant national technical supervision organization management is not effective, the quality of different manufacturers of wedm appear on the market difference, with is wedm can use 10 years the attenuation accuracy, some can only be used for two years, the same specifications of the wedm price can differ 100000 yuan,This has really caused a lot of difficulties for the users to select the type (especially for foreign users), if there is a little bit, it will be a mistake, so why are these unqualified linear cutting machine tools still on the market?

                    This is mainly the popularity of Chinese manufacturing line application, present the application of wedm is not only confined to mold manufacturing, with most of the rough machining of mechanical parts in wedm, also have certain market so low grade of wedm.Is another reason why GB7926-87 in wedm precision standard specified: first before to achieve this standard to achieve JB2670-82 "general principles of the metal cutting machine tool precision inspection", and some factory has no ability to take advantage of the loopholes in the national standard, they ignore JB2670-80 national standards, in the process of production to reduce machining precision choose inferior material, so as mentioned in the loss of 1-2 years after the accuracy.

                    From the point of social environment, China's market economic time is not long, some small wire-cut machine factory is still in its original capital accumulation stage, the manufacturers often do not have the machine manufacturing capacity, can only be packaged production, production process quality control out of the question, research and development, innovation is more impossible, this kind of manufacturers in the eastern region of China is very much, coupled with the current China and matching law is not yet mature market economy, and because of the interests of local governments to protect, so these do not have the production capacity of enterprises will continue to survive,Judging from the current situation, the state's attitude towards this issue is naturally eliminated through market competition.